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Please send me any Facts, Interesting People and Events missing.


Please send me any Facts, Interesting People and Events missing.

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Interesting Facts for 20 April!

Interesting People born 20 April

Full Moon: 1943, 1962, 2008
New Moon: 1939, 1985


570 - Prophet Muhammed, founder of Islam (d. 632) (date disputed)
702 - Jafar Sadiq, Muslim scholar (d. 765)
1494 - Johannes Agricola, German Protestant reformer (d. 1566)
1586 - Saint Rose of Lima, Peruvian saint (d. 1617)
1633 - Emperor Go-Komyo of Japan (d. 1654)
1646 - Charles Plumier, French botanist (d. 1704)
1650 - William Bedloe, English informer (d. 1680)
1668 - Yuri Troubetzkoy, Governor of Belgorod (d. 1739)
1718 - David Brainerd, American missionary (d. 1747)
1723 - Cornelius Harnett, American delegate to the Continental Congress (d. 1781)
1745 - Philippe Pinel, French physician (d. 1826)
1808 - Napoleon III, Emperor of the French (d. 1873)
1818 - Heinrich Göbel, German-born inventor (d. 1893)
1826 - Dinah Craik, English author (d. 1887)
1850 - Daniel Chester French, American sculptor (d. 1931)
1851 - Young Tom Morris, Scottish golfer (d. 1875)
1870 - Maulvi Abdul Haq, Father of Urdu, Pakistani scholar (d.1961)
1879 - Paul Poiret, French couturier (d. 1944)
1882 - Holland Smith, U.S. General (d. 1967)
1889 - Albert Jean Amateau, Turkish-born businessman and social activist (d. 1996)
1889 - Adolf Hitler, Austrian-born First World War veteran and leader of Nazi Germany from 1933 until his death (d. 1945)
1890 - Maurice Duplessis, premier of Québec, known as "Le Chef" (d. 1959)
1891 - Caresse Crosby, American poet (d. 1970)
1893 - Harold Lloyd, American actor (d. 1971)
1893 - Joan Miró, Spanish Catalan painter (d. 1983)
1895 - Emile Christian, American musician (d. 1973)
1896 - Wop May, Canadian aviator (d. 1952)
1904 - Bruce Cabot, American actor (d. 1972)
1904 - George Stibitz, American scientist (d. 1995)
1908 - Lionel Hampton, American musician (d. 2002)
1914 - Betty Lou Gerson, American actress (d. 1999)
1915 - Joseph Wolpe, South African-born psychotherapist (d. 1997)
1918 - Edward L. Beach, Jr., American naval officer, author (d. 2002)
1918 - Kai Siegbahn, Swedish physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1919 - Richard Hillary, Australian Spitfire pilot and author (d. 1943)
1920 - John Paul Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court Justice
1920 - Ronald Speirs, WWII Veteran (d. 2007)
1921 - Janine Sutto, French Canadian actress
1923 - Mother Angelica, American nun and broadcaster
1923 - Tito Puente, American musician (d. 2000)
1924 - Leslie Phillips, English actor
1925 - Ernie Stautner, German-born American football player (d. 2006)
1927 - Karl Alexander Müller, Swiss physicist, Nobel Prize laureate
1928 - Gerald S. Hawkins, English astronomer (d. 2003)
1936 - Pat Roberts, American politician
1937 - George Takei, American actor
1939 - Peter S. Beagle, American author
1939 - Gro Harlem Brundtland, Prime Minister of Norway
1939 - Johnny Tillotson, American singer
1941 - Ryan O'Neal, American actor
1943 - John Eliot Gardiner, English conductor
1943 - Edie Sedgwick, American actress (d. 1971)
1945 - Michael Brandon, American actor
1945 - Steve Spurrier, American football player and coach
1946 - Julien Poulin, French Canadian actor
1947 - Björn Skifs, Swedish singer (Blue Swede)
1947 - Andrew Tobias, American journalist and author
1947 - David Leland, British actor, director and screenwriter
1948 - Craig Frost, American musician (Grand Funk & Bob Seger)
1948 - Adolf Lu Hitler Marak, Indian politician
1948 - Gregory Itzin, American actor
1948 - Rémy Trudel, French Canadian politician
1949 - Massimo D'Alema, Prime Minister of Italy
1949 - Toller Cranston, Canadian figure skater and artist
1949 - Jessica Lange, American actress
1950 - Veronica Cartwright, American actress
1950 - Steve Erickson, American novelist
1950 - Aleksandr Lebed, Russian general and politician (d. 2002)
1950 - Chandra Babu Naidu, Indian politician
1951 - Luther Vandross, American singer (d. 2005)
1952 - Božidar Maljković, Serbian basketball coach
1953 - Sebastian Faulks, British novelist
1954 - Gilles Lupien, French Canadian ice hockey player
1956 - Beatrice Ask, Swedish politician
1957 - Geraint Wyn Davies, Welsh-Canadian actor
1958 - Viacheslav Fetisov, Russian ice hockey player
1961 - Don Mattingly, American baseball player
1961 - Konstantin Lavronenko, Russian actor
1962 - Andre Bentlage, Tiger and Aries
1963 - Mauricio Gugelmin, Brazilian racing driver
1964 - Crispin Glover, American actor
1964 - Andy Serkis, English actor
1964 - Rosalynn Sumners, American figure skater
1965 - Ralph Cirella, stylist and friend of Howard Stern
1965 - Adrian Fernández, Mexican racing driver
1967 - Raymond van Barneveld, Dutch darts player
1967 - Mike Portnoy, American drummer (Dream Theater)
1967 - Lara Jill Miller, American actress
1968 - J.D. Roth, American game show host and television personality
1970 - Shemar Moore, American actor
1970 - Adriano Moraes, Brazilian rodeo performer
1971 - Allan Houston, basketball player
1971 - Tina Cousins, English singer
1972 - Carmen Electra, American actress
1972 - Le Huynh Đuc, Vietnamese footballer
1972 - Stephen Marley, Jamaican musician
1976 - Joey Lawrence, American actor
1976 - Shay Given, Irish footballer
1977 - Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli, professional wrestler
1978 - Mirei Kuroda, Japanese gravure idol
1980 - Jasmin Wagner, German singer
1981 - Matus Valent, male fitness model
1983 - Terrence J, American television host
1986 - Cameron Duncan, New Zealand director (d. 2003)


1303 - The University of Rome La Sapienza is instituted by Pope Boniface VIII.
1534 - Jacques Cartier begins his voyage, in which he will discover Canada and Labrador.
1653 - Oliver Cromwell dissolves the Rump Parliament.
1657 - Admiral Robert Blake destroys a Spanish silver fleet under heavy fire at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
1657 - Freedom of religion is granted to the Jews of New Amsterdam (later New York City).
1689 - The former King James II of England, now deposed, lays siege to Derry.
1775 - American Revolutionary War: the siege of Boston begins, which followed the first battles at Lexington and Concord.
1792 - France declares war on Austria, the beginning of French Revolutionary Wars.
1810 - The Governors of Caracas declares the national sovereignty from Spain.
1828 - René Caillié is first non-Muslim to enter in Timbouctou.
1836 - U.S. Congress passes an act creating the Wisconsin Territory.
1861 - American Civil War: Robert E. Lee resigns his commission in the United States Army in order to command the forces
of the state of Virginia.
1862 - The first pasteurization test completed by Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard.
1871 - Civil Rights Act of 1871
1876 - The April Uprising breaks out in Bulgaria.
1884 - Pope Leo XIII publishes the encyclical, Humanum Genus.
1902 - Pierre and Marie Curie refine radium chloride.
1906 - San Fransisco Earthquake
1908 - Opening day of competition of the New South Wales Rugby League.
1912 - Opening day for baseball stadiums Tiger Stadium in Detroit, Michigan, and Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts.
1914 - Seventeen men, women, and children die in the Ludlow Massacre during a bitter Colorado coal-miner's strike.
1918 - Manfred von Richthofen, aka The Red Baron, shoots down his 79th and 80th victims marking his final victories before
his death the following day.
1926 - Western Electric and Warner Bros. announce Vitaphone, a process to add sound to film.
1945 - World War II: US troops capture Leipzig, Germany, only to later cede the city to the Soviet Union.
1945 - World War II: U.S. B-29 bombers destroy the Musashi Aircraft plants, halting production of the Nakajima Ki-84 fighter
1961 - Failure of the Bay of Pigs Invasion of US troops against Cuba.
1962 - First release of Bentlage Cigars as a brand, manufactured by the Partagas Factory in Havana, Cuba.
1964 - BBC Two launches with the power cut because of the fire at Battersea Power Station.
1967 - A Swiss Bristol Britannia turboprop crashes at Nicosia, Cyprus, killing 126.
1968 - A South African Airways Boeing 707 crashes during takeoff at Windhoek, South-West Africa, killing 122.
1968 - English politician Enoch Powell makes his controversial Rivers of Blood speech.
1972 - Apollo 16 lands on the Moon.
1978 - Korean Air Flight 902 shot down by Soviets.
1979 - Jimmy Carter's rabbit incident.
1980 - Climax of Berber Spring in Algeria as hundreds of Berber political activists are arrested.
1985 - ATF raid on The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord compound in northern Arkansas.
1986 - Pianist Vladimir Horowitz performed in his native Russia for the first time in 61 years.
1986 - Professional basketball player Michael Jordan sets all-time record for points in a NBA playoff game with 63 against
the Boston Celtics.
1998 - TAME Boeing 727-200 chartered by Air France crashes into Cerro El Cable mountain after takeoff from Bogotá,
Colombia, killing 53.
1998 - German terrorist group Red Army Faction announces their dissolution after 28 years.
1999 - 14 students (including the two gunmen) and a teacher die in the Columbine High School massacre.
1999 - Largest bombing of Kosovo by the United States in the Kosovo War.
2004 - In Iraq, 12 mortars are fired on Abu Ghraib Prison by insurgents, killing 22 detainees and wounding 92.
2004 - In Utica, IL 9 people were killed when an F3 tornado hits downtown.
2007 - Johnson Space Center Shooting: A man with a hand gun barricades himself in NASA's Johnson Space Center before
killing a male hostage and himself

Holidays and observances

Ridván begins at sunset (Bahá'í Faith).
4/20 in cannabis culture.

Liturgical feasts

Saint Agnes of Montepulciano
Saint Marcellinus
Saint Victor (d. 303)
Saint Theotimus (d. 407)
Blessed Oda (d. 1158)

Interesting people born under the sign of the Tiger

Historical Tigers:

Ptolemy 90 (mathematician/astronomer/geogapher)
Muhammed, Prophet of Islam 570
Francis of Assisi 1182 (founded the Franciscan Order)
Marco Polo September 15 1254
Francis Xavier April 7 1506 (Co-founder of the Jesuits)
Ivan the Terrible August 25 1530 (the first Russian Tsar)
Mary Queen of Scots December 1542
Louis XIV of France September 5 1638
Ludwig van Beethoven 1770
Karl Marx May 5 1818 (philosopher/political economist)
Emily Bronte July 30 1818
Emily Dickinson 1830 (Writer)
George Eastman July 12 1854 (Inventor of Kodak camera)
Oscar Wilde October 6 1854 (Irish writer/playwright)
Pope Benedict XV November 21 1854
Beatrix Potter July 28 1866
Sun Yet San November 12 1866 (Chinese revolutionary)
Isadora Duncan May 27 1878
Joseph Stalin December 18 1878 (Soviet communist dictator)
Nijinsky March 12 1890
Ho Chi Mihn May 19 1890 (Vietnamese revolutionary)
Groucho Marx October 2 1890 (Actor/comedian)
Dwight D. Eisenhower (former president of US) October 14 1890
Charles de Gaulle November 22 1890


Werner Hyde April 25 (Psychiatrist & Nazi Germany organizer)


Yakov Borisovich Zel¡¯dovich March 8 (Russian physicist)
Alec Guinness April 2 (Actor)
Joe Dimaggio November 25 (Baseball star)


Hugh Hefner April 9 (Publisher)
Queen Elizabeth II April 21
Sir David Attenborough May 8 (Conservationist)
Miles Davis May 25 (Music)
Marilyn Monroe June 1 (Actress)
Mel Brooks June 28 (Director/actor)
Tony Bennett August 3 (Music)
Fidel Castro August 13 (Cuban President)
Jiang Zemin August 17 (former Chinese President)
Chuck Berry October 18 (Music)


King Juan Carlos I January 5
Judy Blume February 12 (Writer)
Nureyev March 17 (Russian dancer)
Kofi Annan April 8 (Secretary-General of UN)
Claudia Cardinale April 15 (Actress)
Bill Withers July 4 (Music)
Natalie Wood July 20 (Actress)
Agatha Christie September 15
Tina Turner November 17 (Music)
Ted Turner November 19 (CNN Founder and Time Warner chairman)


Germaine Greer January 29


Cybill Shepherd February 18 (Actress)
Karen Carpenter (The Carpenters) March 2 (Music)
Carl Palmer March 20 (Percussionist)
Goran Bregovic March 22 (Composer)
Jay Leno April 28 (Talk show host)
Lou Gramm (Foreigner) - May 2 (Music)
Stevie Wonder May 13 (Music)
Peter Gabriel May 13 (Music)
Suzi Quatro June 3 (Music)
Alex Van Halen (Van Halen) June 8 (Music)
Ann Wilson (Heart) June 19 (Music)
Richard Branson July 18 (Industrialist)
Steve Wozniak August 11 (Computer engineer)
Kid Creole August 12 (Music)
Princess Anne August 15
Bill Murray September 21 (Actor)
Chen Shui-bian October 12 (President of China)
Chris De Burgh October 15 (Music)
Joan Armatrading December 9 (Music)


Phil Collins January 30 (Music)
Martha Davis (Motels) January 15 (Music)
K.C. (K.C. and the Sunshine Band) - January 31 (Music)


Axl Rose February 6 (Music)
Garth Brooks February 7 (Music)
Sheryl Crow February 11 (Music)
Steve Irwin February 22 (Wildlife conservationist/TV presenter)
Michelle Shocked February 24 (Musician)
Jon Bon Jovi March 2 (Music)
Tylor Dayne March 7 (Music)
Terence Trent D'Arby March 15 (Music)
Matthew Broderick March 21 (Actor)
Marcia Cross March 25 (Actress)
M.C. Hammer March 30 (Music)
Andre Bentlage April 20
Emilio Estevez May 12 (Music)
Paula Abdul June 19 (Music)
Stephen Chow June 22 (Hong Kong director/actor)
Tom Cruise July 3 (Actor)
Wesley Snipes July 31 (Actor)
Jesse Borrego August 1 (Actor)
Tommy Lee October 3 (Music)
Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) October 16 (Music)
Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) October 25 (Music)
Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) November 1 (Music)
Demi Moore November 11 (Actress)
Jodie Foster November 19 (Actress)
Felicity Huffman December 12 (Actress)
Ralph Fiennes December 22 (Actor)
Michelle Yoeh Aug 6 (Actress)
Nick Rhodes June 8 (Musician)


Robbie Williams February 13 (Music)
Matt Lucas March 5 (Comedian/Actor)
Victoria (Adams)
Beckham April 17 (Music and David Beckham)
Penelope Cruz April 28 (Actress)
Andrea Corr May 17 (Music)
Jewel May 23 (Music)
Alanis Morissette June 1 (Music)
Derek Jeter June 26 (Baseball player)
Hilary Swank July 30 (Actress)
Matt Hardy September 23 (Wrestler)
Eminem October 17, 1974 (Music)
Dale Earnhardt Jr October 10 (US Racing)
Joaquin Phoenix October 28 (Actor)
Nelly November 2 (Music)
Alessandro Del Piero November 9 (Italian soccer player)
Leonardo DiCaprio November 11 (Actor)
Nicole Appleton December 7 (Music)

Interesting people born under the sign of the Aries

March 21 - April 20
Quality: Cardinal
Mode: Intuition

Vincent van Gogh (Painter) March 30 1853
Charles Spencer Chaplin (Actor) April 16 1889
Billie Holiday (Jazz Vocalist) April 7 1915
Marlon Brando (Actor) April 3 1924
Francis Ford Coppola (Director) April 7 1939

THE Zodiacal Sign of Aries commences on March 21st, but for next seven days, it does not come into its full power. It starts loosing the power form May 14th. For seven days it is gradually losing its strength on account of becoming overlapped by the "cusp" of the incoming sign -Taurus.

People who were born in this section of the year have unusually strong will power and great obstinacy of purpose. They are usually born to be fighters in every sense of the world: they have also the greatest ability as organizers on a large scale. They find themselves as the organizers of big schemes or as the heads of big businesses, and also in the organization and development of countries.

They seem naturally to resent all criticism, and the only way to offset this in them is by quiet logic, reason, and proof.

These people are usually independent in everything they do. It is really important for them to do everything in their own way, and if they are intervene with other people they generally loose the shapes of the main purpose, step back and let the other person take their place.

As a rule they are unhappy in their domestic life. It is very difficult for such people to meet a member of the opposite sex who would understand them, and if opposition does not upset them from this point it usually does through their children.

Yet these people, be they men or women, deeply, fervently and strongly desire for affection and sympathy, more than anything else, and this is generally the rock on which they are finally wrecked if they have not the good fortune to meet their right affinities.

As far as material success or power is concerned, there are no heights to which persons born in this sign wouldn’t be able to. Success, however, is not making them feel really happy and satisfied.

They are inclined to lack caution, being by nature impulsive and quick in thought and action.

They are and inclined to mike enemies very easily. They are enormously ambitious, as a rule they succeed in life and gain money and position.

The lower type of this sign will stick at nothing to accomplish their purpose. The higher type are good masters, but at the same time severe in discipline and more or less unbending in everything they expect from other people. All representatives of this sign have a distinct desire to peer into the future, perhaps because they are impatient for things to develop. They are inclined to prophesy what will take place, and are often succeed in that.

As a general rule, the men born in this part of the year suffer a great deal through their affections; they seldom understand women, and make lots of serious mistakes in their relations with them.

For both sexes, they are happy only at moments when they are absolutely absorbed with their work and manage to overcome of obstacles.

All people and especially those who were born in this sign seldom get through life without receiving cuts, wounds, or blows to the head, either from accidents or violence.

Aries - The Sing of the Ram
Mars is the Aries' ruling planet . It makes the people of this sign have an active life, constantly giving them the reserve of energy. That makes them careless, unruly, ambitious and competitive.This sign's place in the horoscope - first - and the people of this sign also want to be first in all . Aries is a very much self-confident sign . Aries' symbol - is a ram- an animal, which tries to get everything by impact of a head, and everyone, who ever dealed with people who's sign is the Aries knows, that they go directly to their purpose as persistently as the rams.

They will find their more lasting friendships and affections with those born on their own period or between July 21 and August 20-27, and from November 21 to December 20-27; and also from the centre of their triangle, September 21 to October 20-27.

People born in this period should have more time to sleep than almost anyone else. They usually overwork their brains, and are inclined to suffer from headache, trouble with the eyes and other things concerned the head. And they are liable to get cuts and wounds in the head, and they usually run danger from fire. Such people usually demand a constant medical attention.

The most harmonious color for them is all shades of red -crimson, rose, and pink, but if they are ill- all shades of blue and violet are most soothing and beneficial to them.

The birth stones for this period are rubies, garnets, and bloodstones.